Engineering Fair

2016 Engineering Fair

February 23, 2016

Made Possible by a generous grant from the GE Foundation




The 2016 Engineering Fair sponsored by GE Foundation

Contest Winners

Bridge Building Competition

First Place Load: Laura Levescy, Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School - 397.3 lbs
Second Place Load: Lyndsie Reed, Mustang Middle School - 95.1 lbs
Third Place Load: Destiny Dunbar, Avery Mitchell, Lexie Tatum, Jaelyn Northcutt, Pawnee Middle School - 90.2 lbs

First Place Efficiency: Laura Levescy, Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School 
Second Place Efficiency: Lyndsie Reed, Mustang Middle School
Third Place Efficiency: Bryan (Tommy) Boedecker, Mustang Middle School

First Place Aesthetics: Lauren Harms, Julia Ferrel, Burlington Public School
Second Place Aesthetics: Brinkli Abbitt, Highland West Junior High
Third Place Aesthetics: Jonah Richards, Yukon Middle School

Eiffel Tower Competition

First Place: DaKota Clayton & DaKota Brewer, Corn Bible Academy - 1' 7.5"
Second Place: Aden Struble & Grant Smith, Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School - 1' 6.5"
Third Place: Jaycee Willingham & Kaylee Witte, Yukon Middle School - 1'

Electric Motor Competition

First Place Vertical: William Newman & Abigail Milner, Yukon High School - 8072 RPM
Second Place Vertical: Brendan Hill, Yukon Middle School - 4764 RPM
Third Place Vertical: Jonah Richards, Yukon Middle School - 421 RPM

First Place Horizontal: Carter Smith & Levi McAbee, Corn Bible Academy - 3309 RPM
Second Place Horizontal: Barryck Heisler, Pawnee Middle School - 2974 RPM
Third Place Horizontal: Aynslie Van Nest, Brink Jr. High - 2746 RPM

Oil/Gas Extraction Competition- NEW Competition - Thanks to our Sponsor, the GE Foundation

First Place: Dawson Hearen & Brandon Schane, Yukon Middle School
Second Place: Gordon Sullivan, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
Third Place: Brooks Red, Logan Dodd, Layne Gwartney

Paper Airplane Competition - NEW Competition - Thanks to the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and Northrop Grumman

First Place: Kyle Jackson, Butner High School
Second Place: Brandon Warrior, Frontier Middle School
Third Place: Kinsi Grube, Corn Bible Academy

Ping Pong Ball Launcher Competition

First Place: Tristan Busk & Bailey Wright, Stillwater High School - 1,070 points
Second Place: Zach Snow & Kohl Kimmel, Yukon Middle School - 1,060 points
Third Place: Caden Pogue & Sean Carr, Stillwater High School - 1,050 points

Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Contest

First Place: Andre Miller & Bailee Brown, Corn Bible Academy - 43' 4"
Second Place: Brendan Miller & Bradyn Brown, Corn Bible Academy - 42' 3"
Third Place: Spencer Boese & Alli Russell, Corn Bible Academy - 32' 9"

Wacky Wonder Works

First Place: Katherine Bose, Mikayla Nelson, & Ashli Bradford, Corn Bible Academy
Second Place: Abigail Little, Shayla Jaswal, & Sierra Bors, Brink Jr. High
Third Place: Blake Nance, Dylan Howard, Tristan LaRose, Yukon Middle School

Honorable Mention: Thomas Eaton, Kade Krittenbrink, & Julio Reza, Chisholm Trail Technology Center
Most Innovative: Halli Humphrey, Viola Newman, Cheyenne Holland, Phyllis Bell, & D'Lanee Fields, Yukon Middle School
Wackiest: Halley Zauner, Cassidy Hopkins, Nathan Pundsack, Bogan Garcia, Harrah Middle School
Most Technical: Mason Red, Andrew Koscheski, & Cooper Brittain, Corn Bible Academy

Special thanks to GE and the GE Foundation for their support of the 2016 Engineering Fair through volunteers and sponsorship.

Thank you to the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) for their support of the 2016 Engineering Fair. Thanks to all of our sponsors, Engineering Societies, volunteers, and the Science Museum Oklahoma for making the 2016 Engineering Fair a success!