Engineering Fair


Thank you for participating in the 2018 OEF Engineering Fair! This event was made possible by our Sponsors: The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, the Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Phillips66, ConocoPhillips, and many individuals who believe in the importance of STEM education.  




Bridge Building

1st Grace Slovah - Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School

2nd Maggie Calvo - Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School 

3rd Matthew Stevenson & Jake Mitchell - Pawnee Middle School 

Structural Efficiency

1st Ashlea Pham - Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School 

2nd  Chase Chairess - Highland West Jr. High

3rd  Katheryn Bowman - Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School 

Aesthetics & Construction Quality 

1st Jenna Scott & Karson Bryant - Pawnee Middle School 

2nd Grace Slovah - Belle Isle Enterprise Middle

3rd Halle Penner - Corn Bible Academy 

Drone Competition

1st Trenton Ridinger – Mustang South Middle School

2nd Waverly Landrith – Mustang South Middle School

3rd Jordan Newton  - Mustang South Middle School


Eiffel Tower

1st Reagan Russell and Bradyn Brown – 23 ¾” – Corn Bible Academy

2nd Rusty Smith & Brock Hensley – 15” – Sayre Public Schools

3rd Kaylan Nelson & Hannah Atkinson – 10 ¾” – Highland East Junior High


Electric Motor:

1st – Blake Brewer – Corn Bible RPM 4971

2nd – Ember Hawkins – BIEMS – RPM 2114

3rd – Avrill Uribe – BIEMS – RPM 1902



1st – Saryniti Ramsey, Cheyenne Williams, Emma Rice – Pawnee Middle School

2nd – Beau Domeny, Tristian Hawkins, Alex Moore – Pawnee Middle School

3rd – Bailee Brown & Andre Miller – Corn Bible Academy


Ping Pong

1st– Annie Kol & Jennifer Martinez – Stillwater JHS - 1290 pts

2nd– Javier Salinas & Renado James II – Metro STEM Academy – 870 pts

3rd– Luke Diaz – Jenks West Intermediate – 770 pts.


Rubber Band Powered Vehicle

1st – Isabella Bostwick – Mustang Middle School – 26ft 1in

2nd – Brentti Cook – Highland West JHS – 18ft 9in

3rd – Samantha Geene – Choctaw Middle School – 18ft 5in


Wacky Wonder Works

1st Jorge De La Torre, Aaron Villanueva, Josue Ponce, Adrian Razo, Josefina Castillo, Ethan Flores – Pathways Middle College

2nd Reese Cantrell, Blake Linn, Destiny Ryan – Brink Junior High

3rd Douglas Nguyen, Raphael Parson – Brink Junior High


Wackiest – Harrison Penner, Andon Bradford, Raigan Geisler – Corn Bible Academy

Most Technical – Cameron Eischen, Weston Eischen, Lane Dobrovolny, Diego Perez – Chisholm Trail Technology Center