The 2023 National MATHCOUNTS Competition has come to an end. We want to congratulate our amazing team one more time. Akshaj, Ethan, Henry and Hudson, we are so proud of you. We are grateful for your wonderful parents who have nurtured your love for math and your all the amazing teachers you’ve had that have brought you to this place. As you grow older and accomplish great things (we know you will!) don’t forget your friends at MATHCOUNTS Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Engineering Foundation. We are in your corner. When it comes time to choose college, we hope you’ll consider a career in engineering. Maybe you’ll even attend college in Oklahoma and apply for OEF’s college engineering scholarship!

Also, thank you to our national team coach Mrs. Barbara Nykol, who accompanied the team to Orlando. You are just terrific! Also, much gratitude to Dr. Harold Brooks, our national team consultant. We are honored to have your many years of service to this program.

Although we have thanked them many times before, we must once again thank Diana Bittle and Gaylon Pinc, the longtime MATHCOUNTS Co-Chairs. They spearhead weekly meetings on this program to ensure MATHCOUNTS Oklahoma continues to succeed and thrive. We are in awe of their commitment and leadership.

Finally, one more time, let us thank American Fidelity, the presenting sponsor for MATHCOUNTS Oklahoma. We are so grateful for your support.

–Jennifer McCollum, Executive Director

2023 MATHCOUNTS Oklahoma Team Results

Oklahoma’s team ranked 35th out of more than 50 teams competing. Although it wasn’t the results we were hoping for, we are still very proud of our team. Especially since Oklahoma is one of the smallest states in the country in terms of population. We still beat 30 percent of the teams that competed. Names have been redacted for privacy.