Oklahoma State University Job Announcement

Department Head for Engineering Technologies (Tenure Track Faculty)

Job Description:

The department head is the first-line administrator of the department to which they are assigned. The incumbent is responsible for all issues related to department operation, such as overseeing development of new curriculum and programming, budget, personnel, assessment, class schedules, and student rights and responsibilities. The department head must actively recruit and mentor majors, serve on faculty committees, and perform other duties as assigned.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Teach 12 credit hours (or equivalent) with 3 hours credit release time each fall and spring semester for department head role.(Additional class release time allowed for program development)
  2. Maintain presence 35 hours per week on campus with availability for class schedule, student office hours and administrative role.
  3. Supervise all courses, degree/certificate-granting programs of the department.
    Supervise the development/distribution of department publications.
  4. Coordinate development of an appropriate and efficient class schedule each semester.
  5. Coordinate with transfer institutions in the articulation of courses and/or degree programs.
  6. Remain current with theory and practice in the profession, coordinate and monitor professional growth activities for faculty.
  7. Develop a proposed budget for submission to the Division Head and recommend all budget expenditures to the Division Head.
  8. Coordinate the recruitment, selection, and recommendation of adjunct faculty and actively participate in the selection of full-time faculty.
  9. Coordinate, develop, and participate in recruitment activities for department.
  10. Develop and monitor faculty teaching loads.
  11. Develop assessment plan in coordination with faculty and submit required assessment data and departmental information for program reviews and other institutional reports.
  12. Evaluate faculty.
  13. Supervise textbook selection.
  14. Supervise implementation of institutional guidelines for retention.
  15. Supervise implementation of assessment model.
  16. Coordinate active advisory committee for degree programs.
  17. Establish and maintain effective cooperation and coordination with all other divisions, departments, and support units on campus.
  18. Participate in professional organizations.
  19. Fulfill all faculty requirements as noted in the Faculty Handbook.
  20. Complete all mandatory training and participate in RPT recommended level of professional development each year.
  21. Perform other duties as assigned.